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Discovering The Allure Of Granada, Spain

Granada is famous for its high quality caviar which is a prized delicacy in the province. They are produced in the exceptionally clean waters of Riofrio which is a town in the western side of Granada. The caviar is harvested from the sturgeon that is abundant in the area. Granada has the largest population of captive sturgeon in the area which numbers at 400,000. This region of Spain also produces Beluga caviar, paté, frozen trout, fresh trout, smoked trout and creams. There are also lots of restaurants in the area that serve the famous delicacy of the region.

Granada is famous for the house caves which is the traditional dwelling in the region. These primitive dwellings can be found in Guadix, Plateau and Marquesado. In the past, the local residents dug out their dwellings from the earth. They preferred cave dwelling because they are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The cave houses also provide ample protection against various weather elements. There are quite a number of cave houses that offer accommodations for tourists for that unique experience.

Granada has a very rich history that spans for thousands of years. Its history has a very rich influence from the Moors which is proven by the presence of several fortresses in the region. Another attraction in the area is Loja which is a town that has more than 2,000 springs. Also in this town is the Alcazaba, a fortified military structure that was built by the Arabs. While in Loja, you can also head to the Posito Nuevo, a magnificent Renaissance building that used to be a mental hospital. There are also magnificent churches that you can explore in the towns of San Gabriel, Santa Catalina as well as the convent in Santa Clara. The Iglesia dela Villa in Motefrio is also an attraction that you should not miss. It is a majestic church that sits atop a huge rock.

Granada is also known for its artisans. These skilled artisans make a wide variety of products such as ceramics, carvings, furniture, guitars and so many more. Majority of the skilled artisans in Granada can be found in the district of Albaicin. Granada also offers excellent shopping destinations such as those located in the Great Via, Reyes Catolicos, spain villas Mesones, Zacatin, Ganivet Angel, Alhondiga and the Plaza de Bib-Ramba. These shopping destinations have shops that sell traditional items such as Nasrid perfumes. There are also lots of shops where you can buy souvenirs to take home to your loved ones.

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Discover The Charm Of Aranjuez in Spain

Aranjuez is famous for its beautiful greenery. It is a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Visiting the Anarjuez allows you to commune with nature which is something that you cannot do in the midst of the concrete jungle of a highly urbanized city. Being able to breathe in the fresh air and soak in the greenery allows you to relax your mind and body during your vacation. Spending a few days in the fresh and natural environment of Aranjuez will allow you to recharge your body from all the stress of your daily life and job. It is the perfect getaway from all the harsh realities and stresses of life.

While visiting Aranjuez, you must make it a point to visit the palaces in the area. You can start with the Palacio Real where you can admire the intricate design of the structure. This palace was built in the 18th century and has a very unique design with lots of ornaments. There are about 100 rooms in the palace and each one of them is decorated with exotic and unique furniture pieces that you cannot see anywhere else in the world. A tour of the palace also gives you inside information about the scandalous life of Queen Isabel II.

Next stop on your Aranjuez tour is the Jardin del Principe and the fountains at the Jardin dela Isla. There you can have a leisurely stroll and just enjoy the view of the river or have a siesta. Another interesting place to visit is the Casa del Labrador where you can see the extravagant collection of Charles IV. His lavish collection is composed of silk, gold and marble pieces as well as fancy clocks. A tour of the place will provide you with information about each item on the lavish collection.

If you want to learn about the history and culture of Aranjuez then you can do this by visiting the Museo de Faluas spain villa. The museum has a wide collection of pieces that provide information about the culture and history of Aranjuez. From the museum, you can also view the launches that are used by the royal family. Finding a place to stay is not a problem in Aranjuez because there are lots of hotels and inns in the city to fit your budget. However, it is best to book your accommodations in advance especially during the peak season since the city receives a lot of tourists each year.

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Special Offerings of Huelva

There are many special offerings from Huelva. But two of the many include Matalascañas and Doñana National Park.


Matalascañas is part of Almonte municipality at its southeast. It offers miles of tranquil beaches on its west and east with rich flora at the Doñana National Park. One of its main attractions is the “El Rocio” which is a famous pilgrimage spot. Thousands of pilgrims participate in this pilgrimage route every year.

There are plenty of hotels in Matalascañas which are quickly filled up during the summer. Many families enjoy the beaches during the summer weekends for its beautiful golden sands and calm waters. Matalascañas offers plenty of services and bars, shops, restaurants and nightclubs.  

There are many ancient monuments along the Matalascañas beach such as “Torre de la Higuera”. This ancient 16th century watchtower remnants reminds one of the 1755 earthquake. This ancient tower was originally set up to defend against attacks from pirates.

Doñana National Park

One of the interesting points in Huelva is Doñana National Park. Its location at the Guadalquivir River covers about 50,720 hectares making it the largest natural park found in Spain. Its unique function makes it a World Heritage Site as it houses numerous exotic and endangered species.

The Doñana Park enjoys many ecosystems which set a most unique biological diversity only found in Europe. There are different types of wetlands, dunes, forests, mountains, lakes. The nearby beaches and dunes offer another place of attraction for holidaymakers.

The marshlands at this park occupy 27,000 hectares which form the ideal transit, breeding and migration spot for thousands of African and European animals and birds during winter.

The diverse flora and fauna at this park makes it very enjoyable with frequent sighting of endangered and exotic species. Animal and nature lovers would love the diverse types of plants, reptiles, freshwater fish, mammals and amphibians. Bird watchers would be thrilled to seek out over 360 feathered species.

The park can be explored on foot or in a tour. There are guided tours which offer many types of trails at the national park and spain rentals. The local and experienced guides offer interesting information about the flora and fauna that can be found in the park. The more adventurous holidaymakers would want to explore this natural park by horse riding. There are good treks that allow horse riders to enjoy a good ride. The large park makes a good spot for horse riding or cycling.There are good conservation measures undertaken by the local authorities to maintain the condition.

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Quaint El Rompido Offerings

Most holidaymakers would want an excellent beachside when they come to Spain; and the EL Rompido beach will not disappoint. The Cartaya municipality offers not just El Rompido beach but also other delightful beaches like Nuevo Portil.


El Rompido town is a quaint fishing village located at River Piedras. It is right at the river mouth to make its location unique and outstanding. It faces the vast sea and was transformed as a beach resort in the 20th century after its discovery. It is an ideal vacation spot for families and those seeking a quiet holiday location. Its tranquility is ideal for relaxing and unwinding for any troubled or tired soul.

Nature lovers would love the National Park at El Rompido. Its marshes and swamps cover over 2530 hectares between Piedra River and the great Atlantic Ocean. 

The La Flecha beach is 12 kilometers long; it is a unique piece of sandy coast formed 200 years ago from geomorphologic phenomena.

Alluvial sediments were swept in by the waves and wind; this phenomenon still happens with 40 meters of coastal formation resulting every year.

La Flecha beach can be said to be quite unspoiled; it can be viewed from Nuevo Portil and reached by boat. Nuevo Portil on the other hand is more a peninsula beach with a diverse flora and fauna collection. There are many exotic and endangered species of fauna like the European chameleon that is found only in Malaga province, Costa de Luz and Algarve in Portugal. Nueva Umbria beach is just 1.24 miles away from a nudist beach, La Antilla.


There is sufficient accommodation in El Rompido to cater to the thousands of tourists flocking to this place every summer. Even so, the hotels and holiday apartments do not become too crowded for the tourists to enjoy their holiday. The accommodations are from budget to luxury hotels which would suit the budget of all tourists. The accommodations are always close to the beaches or tourist attractions to the tourists’ convenience.

Family Delights

El Rompido has a busy marina and a well-structured sports club to keep the tourists occupied during the holiday. Avid golfers have a choice of two golf courses; one 36-hole course at El Rompido and one 18-hole at Nuevo Portil, spain villas. History buffs may want to check out the San Miguel Castle which is an ancient Arab fortress and some Bronze Age archaeological relics. Families with children would enjoy the amusement parks in Cartaya.

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The Salzillo Museum in Murcia, Spain

Murcia is the capital of the province of Murcia in the south east portion of Spain. It is located right next to the Mediterranean Sea. Murcia has pristine beaches, beautiful coastlines, mountains hills and even a river. The region is also known for its farmlands that produce lemons, limes, fruits and vegetables.

Murcia is the perfect destination for tourists who prefer a peaceful and relaxing vacation. It is also a great place for the religious since there are lots of religious art pieces in Murcia. There are also lots of beautiful churches that you may visit. There are plenty of paintings and sculptures that are religiously inspired in the museums and churches in Murcia. There are also ancient homes in the area that have great collections of religious art pieces. The Spanish have always been known to be very religious so you can see a lot of religious artifacts and art pieces in Murcia. Some of these pieces are from the ancient times.

One of the icons in religious art in Murcia is Francisco Salzillo who is a famous and important sculptor. His magnificent sculptures are displayed in the Salzillo Museum which was built to honor his life and works. He is considered as a champion of those who cannot read or the illiterate. His sculptures are dedicated to those who are illiterate because they depict important religious events in great detail. Those who cannot read can learn about these religious events just by looking at his sculptures. They can learn about the biblical events without having to read the scriptures. His advocacy was to help the poor people of Murcia who did not get the chance to learn how to read. Their literacy is no longer a hindrance for them to learn about the important events in the scriptures.

Most tourists visit Murcia for the procession but if you did not have the chance to do so then you can just visit the Salzillo Museum where you also get to experience the same religious feel. You can view the belen in the museum that is composed of over 500 beautiful pieces that are carefully crafted. The museum is often from Tuesdays to Sundays but is closed during Mondays. If you are travelling to villas in spain then you must definitely visit the Salzillo Museum. There are also lots of churches that you can visit while you are in the area. You can have both a fun and religiously inspiring vacation when you travel to Murcia, Spain.

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